Sports, music and art are all integral to the curriculum at Credence Global School.The clearly designed program encourages children to develop teamwork and age-appropriate skills through a variety of team sports, swimming, gymnastics, athletics and floor and apparatus work.Credence Global School believes arts to be a prolific adventure for kids, which pushes their mind to open up and explore ideas.


provide a powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them. Arts provide students with a wide range of opportunities and means to respond to their experiences and engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives. The students are stimulated to think and to articulate their thoughts in new ways, and through a variety of media and technologies. 

•    Apart from Arts,


has also found a special place into the lesson plans. Music is offered across the school by specialist teachers. In the Primary school, students learn to appreciate music, compose and sing. The students work towards an understanding and appreciation of the subject. Additionally, they are also encouraged to participate into several musical events.

•    With additional focus on

Drama And Creative Arts

Credence Global School has developed an integrated system that allows the children to explore different creative sides of their personality.