Credence Global School

Preserving the best in traditional Indian as well as international education and culture

 Credence Global School has worked out a student centered system with ample opportunities in project work and practical knowledge. The aim of the school is to give its pupils a sound moral education while devoting special attention to their spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development. Discovery learning is the core of the teaching pedagogy, guided through a well trained teaching faculty having access to new age digital and smart tools for involving students for greater empowerment and knowledge. SMART classes and digital learning are rooted in all the lesson plans making the education an evolving process for the pupils at Credence Global School.


Preparing children for
life-long learning!

Giving children the

Best Start!

Credence Global School focuses on the character building of the children and believes it to be one of the most important aspects of the development of the pupils as the future responsible citizens of the country. We not only provide an outstanding education for the children in our care, but we also help to equip them to take up a useful place in society as confident, caring, thoughtful thinking people. We, at Credence Global, try to imbibe the values of love, culture and knowledge through education in our children which enables them to adjust and adapt to the emerging society of multicultural thoughts and beliefs. It fosters them with the courage that kindles optimism and the willpower not to give up during adversities. We hope that our children grow as world class citizens – a generation of eminent thinkers and wise planners contributing to a better world.