5 Important Questions To Ask In The Parent Teacher Meeting

As a parent, we always like to brag about the kid’s successes and hope to hear the same. But being human, our kids have flaws and on closer monitoring we can help them reach their best potential with their teacher or instructor. Parent teacher meeting is an important event for such discussions and revelations. Here are few questions which would help you know your child better:

What are the strengths of my child?

Although you might be having an idea about this. But children tend to develop different interest and teachers are the best persons to get this information from. This way you can collectively devise a progress plan for child which matches his / her interest area.

What are the goals we can put for next term?

Some teachers already have goal planning on the agenda during parent teacher conference, but if they don’t, it’s a great thing to add. It is good for your child to have goals that you and their teacher are aware of.

How more can I help in my child’s development?

It is a good plan to let your child and their teacher know that you’re invested in their education and their classroom. After all, a child’s first source of learning is the home. A complement to this question is to suggest some solutions yourself.

Does my child behave respectfully? Do they follow class rules? Are they polite and kind?

Apart from the regular education, moral and social values are also important for a child’s overall growth and development. Keep a track of the behavior of the child through comments from the teacher and devise a plan if it is not as required.

Any other concerns….
If your child has told you something the teacher does that concerns you, do bring it up. But phrase your words carefully: Not in an accusatory way, but in an information-gathering way.